Gaston Electronics
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The People at Gaston

Gaston Electronics has a mature customer focused workforce encompassing engineering, supply chain management, assembly, and test under the discipline of an MRP enabled, ISO 9001:2000 management system.

An important contribution to Gaston Electronics’ success is the ability of its employees to thrive in a team focused on our customer. With an average employment of 20 or more years, Gaston’s employees serve as the single customer contact for the three critical focus areas: engineering, purchasing, and scheduling. This three person team is dedicated to the satisfaction and program management of that customer. Long term relationships are built with our customers and supported by minimal turnover and reorganization.

Gaston Electronics is distinguished by the quality, competence, and judgment of its employees. Each employee demonstrates a commitment to conformance to ISO disciplined processes and methodologies as applied to conforming to the unique and exacting requirements of our customers. At Gaston, it’s not “This is how we do it” but “This is what the customer wants”. We deploy proven processes to meet that requirement.

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