Gaston Electronics
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Optical Inspection & Testing


Test Equipment
  • Labview Functional Test System.
  • Incircuit - GenRad (2282).
  • Incircuit - Teradyne 1860.
  • Glenbrook X-RAY Machine.
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Various Functional Testers, Scopes, Meters and Instruments.

Environmental Test
  • Walk-In Chamber - Vista Scientific (8x6x9) (-40 deg C to 125 deg C).
  • Walk-In Chamber - Vista Scientific (20x6x9).
  • Ovens - Blue M.

Gaston Electronics provides extensive PCBA, electrical control panel, and box test capabilities required by demanding OEM's.
  • In-circuit board test on both HP and Teradyne.
  • Environmental stress screening under power with monitoring from x0 to y0.
  • Static and dynamic burn in.
  • Custom product simulated functional testers.
  • X-ray capability for BGA.
  • Labview product simulation technology.
  • Cable testing.
  • Automated Optical Inspection.
  • Certificate of conformance for test results.

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